We Are Cynergy

We understand the challenges commonly faced in the business world in adapting to constantly changing trends in the current marketplace. Hence nurturing businesses with suitable and relevant solutions is our prime intention and focus.

We Have Skills

We're born out of a passion to make a difference by working towards the greater good. We help companies and startups to manifest their vision.

Website Design

Awesome responsive & mobile friendly websites.


The systematic use of knowledge to meet specific needs for clients’ vision.


The marketing practice of creating a design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.


Backing our clients with long term commitment.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci -


We believe that apps and websites should not only be eye-catching but also provide a great and enjoyable user experience that users will remember.

We Love Technology

We tackle business problems with intelligence and wisdom. We use cutting-edge technology as well as cutting-edge thinking to bring brands to life.


Latest updates from the Information Technology world.

96% of Websites On Internet Get Attacked by Bad Bots – Study

Posted by | March 27 | No Comments on 96% of Websites On Internet Get Attacked by Bad Bots – Study

We know that the internet is full of bots, but their intentions are noth the best interest of our heart. […]

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Latest Chrome 57 Restricts Background Tabs to 1% CPU Usage

Posted by | March 27 | No Comments on Latest Chrome 57 Restricts Background Tabs to 1% CPU Usage

Chrome users will now get more battery life on their laptops, why? It’s Chrome 57. Google has released the latest […]

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This Malware Campaign Obtains Data by Compromising PC Microphones

Posted by | February 26 | No Comments on This Malware Campaign Obtains Data by Compromising PC Microphones

A security firm named CyberX has discovered that the Ukraine is being targeted by an extensive cyber-reconnaissance operation. In this campaign, […]

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  • Mohd Shavez (1stopbrunei)

    “One day I got an email from Mr Nazeer, a gentleman from Cynergy Solutions who said that his team would like to help the organization. Little did I know that email meant a new start in life for our team. I met the Cynergy Solutions team and explained to them about the group, our objectives, how we started, our vision and mission and so on. They gave us feedback and told me that within 3 weeks the site would be done. However I did not have to wait that long and within just a few days I got to see the first draft. As I kept providing the information they required, they efficiently and reliably turn what we envisioned into reality. The day came when the site was complete and it brought tears to my eyes seeing it as it was so beautiful. It perfectly conveys our messages for the voiceless animals.

    To me, the Cynergy Solutions team does not just simply produce your desired product or better your services, but they go one step further to help you develop yourself individually and as a team.”

  • CEO, Lifespace Connect

    “I chose to engage Nazeer Kazimi from Cynergy Solutions as a media consultant based on his previous experience. He is service-oriented, diligent and committed in his approach. We value his astute foresight and acumen in delivering what we needed in this project and he was generous with sharing his ideas for improvement with us. Overall, we would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a focussed trustworthy project manager to help you get your projects off the ground.”

  • Liza Seruji, Helwah Fashion & Tailoring

    “Mr Nazeer, of Cynergy Solutions has been a resourceful individual with our web development. He listens to your business need and provides appropriate assistance. It takes us few meetings and after several adjustment we conclude our layout of our Online E-commerce website.”


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